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Our ministry in ISHUNGA is a child-sponsorship program: one sponsor per child (although sponsors can support multiple children). Our ministry in KAGALA was originally developed as a family-sponsorship program (donors contribute to sponsor an entire family). Our ministry in KAGALA continues to be a family-sponsorship program, with the addition of child-sponorship opportunities as new kids are added.

 Whether it is through sponsoring ONE CHILD or ONE FAMILY, the heart behind the ministry remains the same. We desire to reach the WHOLE family and bring each member to saving faith in Christ. We know that the testimony of a family that has been RESCUED, RESTORED and REGENERATED will be a beacon of hope in the community and lead many others to Christ. 



Your sponsorship allows us to meet the PHYSICAL | SPIRITUAL | EDUCATIONAL | MEDICAL needs of children and families in the program. For more information, visit our PROGRAM PAGE.


These children are awaiting sponsors:

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Aturida Yvonne- AGE 7 @ Ishunga

Nuwasiima Praise

Nuwasiima Praise- AGE 9 @ Ishunga

Ian biopic

Karagaba Ian- AGE 7 @ Ishunga

160 owen biopic

Atwebembire Owen- AGE 6 @ Ishunga

Glodean BioPic

Ainomucunguzi Glodean- Age 5 @Ishunga

Annex BioPic 

Ainomugisha Annex- Age 3 @Ishunga

169 Abson biopic

Abson- AGE 8 @ Ishunga

Atwongire Prossy

Atwongire Prossy- AGE 7 @ Ishunga

Brighton biopic

Brighton- AGE 3 @ Ishunga

Antony BioPic

Ashaba Ruhanga Antony- Age 7 @Ishunga

187 joan biopic

Ayikiriza Joan- AGE 5 @ Ishunga


Ayirjuka Justus- AGE 3 @ Ishunga

Daizy biopic

Orishshaba Daizy- AGE 1 year 8 mos @ Ishunga





   There are many other children awaiting sponsorship, pictures coming soon! Please contact us for more details.




There are other children enrolled in this program not listed here that are still awaiting sponsorship, please email us if you would like additional details. Thank you!