Uganda Kids Project was birthed out of a passion to help the spiritually and physically impoverished people of Uganda. When Bill James, President of AFC and founder of UKP was serving at a children’s village in Central Uganda, he saw two things: spiritual and physical poverty, and abandoned children who longed to be with their family who could no longer afford to care for them. 

Children and families in the community outside of the children’s village were suffering spiritually, because they had no hope or peace in Christ. They also suffered physically, because they lacked shelter, food, medical care, and much more. Children who lived inside of the children’s village were well cared for, yet they longed to be with the families who had left them there; whether it was a mother, father, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, or cousin, the abandoned child wanted to be with them. 

The first hand experience that Bill James had during his time at the children’s village reminded him that throughout the world there is an enemy seeking to destroy the family unit, and that poverty is an avenue for that destruction. Many children are abused, neglected, and abandoned by their families due to their impoverished circumstances. Not only do families face physical poverty, they also face spiritual poverty, which leaves them feeling desperate and hopeless. Family members often resort to desperate measures such as neglecting or abusing their children, often times to the point of death.Many children are abandoned on the streets or left alone in child-headed homes to fend for themselves. The family unit as a whole is under tremendous pressure to survive.


We believe that God wants to keep families together and that He alone has the power to rescue, restore, and regenerate. Just as Elijah prayed and the life of one young child was regenerated (1 Kings 17:22), we believe that today, Jesus wants to use that same power to bring the abundant life not only to children, but to the whole family. Our prayer is that God would use UKP to see families brought out of spiritual and physical poverty and be regenerated in the abundant life that is offered through Jesus Christ. Rescuing, restoring, and regenerating what the enemy has destroyed seems like an impossible feat by human standards, but in Matthew 19:26 we are reminded that, “...with God all things are possible.”