SHORT TERM VISION (within 5 years):


In communities throughout Uganda, UKP is working with families and children. Our vision is to focus our ministry efforts on the spiritually and physically impoverished people of Uganda. Within a five-year time frame, our goal is to see lives rescued, restored, and regenerated. Rescue will take place as we meet the immediate needs of the people in regards to providing them with food and clothing through our fully developed community center and education and medical care through financial assistance, and as we share the love and hope found in the saving message of the Gospel. Restoration will take place as we disciple the whole family through the Bible, teaching the Word of God, and encouraging people to surrender their lives to Christ, as well educating the children and the family on how to care for themselves and others according to a biblical perspective. Regeneration will take place as families apply Biblical truths to their lives and use the education and skills training they are given, which will give them the tools they need to sustain and overcome poverty. Within this same time frame, UKP hopes also to implement all phases of our child and family sponsorship program. Along with building up the community, we intend to train up a strong UKP staff.  


LONG TERM VISION  (within 10 years):

Our primary long-term vision is to bring glory to God and fulfill the purpose of the church, which we believe is to win the lost, disciple the saved and send out mature believers to expand the kingdom of God on this earth. We hope to have all properties in all areas God has sent our ministry fully developed and fully functioning in the ministry God has set before us. It is also a goal to develop a vocational school for adults and a quality education facility for children. Lastly, we would like to see a functioning medical center built in several targeted communities to treat and prevent illnesses and disease.