Pastor Robert Aupal and Family:                

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Pastor Robert is currently serving on the UKP pastoral staff ministering to the families in the program. He regularly meets with them in their homes, prays for them, and maintains ongoing Biblical discipleship with them.

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Pastor Bill James and Family:

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Pastor Bill is currently serving as the administrator and overseer of Uganda Kids Project. He works with the UKP staff, volunteers, and teams on the ground in Uganda. Pastor Bill also serves as the president of Agents for Christ and works with the AFC team in the US. He and his family have been living as full-time missionaries in Uganda since January 2012.Read more…





 Other Staff and Volunteers:


There are many who assist us on the ground in Uganda, making ministry possible. Our field missionaries are supported by donations from generous supporters. Look under our giving tab for information on supporting our missionaries. Additionally, we also have a couple of team members stateside who assist with all the financial accounting and sponsor communication.